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The Cucumber Book: Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers

July 13, 2011

What’s Cucumber? No, it’s not a salad ingredient (you’re thinking of Cucumis sativus). This Cucumber lets teams describe how software should behave in plain text, written in a business-readable, domain-specific language. The description serves as documentation, test automation and a powerful development aid, all in one. Cucumber works with Ruby, Java, .NET, Flex or web applications written in any language.

The Cucumber Book is written by the creator of Cucumber itself, and co-authored by one of its most experienced users and contributors. This is your authoritative guide, now available in beta from Read on for more details:

The Cucumber Book: Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers

See how to express your customers’ wild ideas as a set of clear, executable specifications that everyone on the team can read. With The Cucumber Book, you’ll learn how to feed those ideas into Cucumber and use it to guide your development. You’ll build just the right code to keep your customers happy, and not a line more.

Part 1 teaches you how to use the core features of Cucumber. You’ll learn how to use Cucumber’s Gherkin DSL to describe (in plain language) the behavior your customers want from the system. You’ll learn how to write Ruby code that interprets those plain language specifications and checks them against your application. In Part 2, you’ll consolidate the knowledge you just gained with a worked example.

Although it was born in the Ruby community, you can use Cucumber to test almost any system, from a simple shell script or Perl script, to enterprise PHP or a Java web application. In Part 3, you’ll find a selection of recipes for some of the most common situations you’ll encounter using Cucumber in the wild. You’ll learn how to test Ajax-heavy web applications with Capybara and Selenium, REST web services, Ruby on Rails applications, command-line applications, legacy applications and lots more!

The Cucumber Book is your guide that will give you and your team all the knowledge you need to start using Cucumber with confidence.

Now in beta, available only from

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