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The Developer's Code in Beta; Programming Ruby 1.9.3

November 09, 2011

It’s hard being a successful software developer, with a career that outlasts the latest fad language or platform. You need to know the technology, the soft skills to work in a team and with clients, and you need to absorb the wealth of tacit knowledge that’s out there but rarely taught or written down. Start with The Developer’s Code, now in beta from

In other news, Programming Ruby 1.9 has been updated to the latest 1.9.3. If you already own the eBook, this update is free.

And don’t forget the third annual PragProWriMo is underway! It’s not too late to start.

The Developer’s Code: What Real Programmers Do

The Developer’s Code isn’t about the code you write, it’s about the code you live by.

There are no trite superlatives here. Packed with lessons learned from more than a decade of software development experience, author Ka Wai Cheung takes you through the programming profession from nearly every angle to uncover ways of sustaining a healthy connection with your work.

You’ll see how to stay productive even on the longest projects. You’ll create a workflow that works with you, not against you. And you’ll learn how to deal with clients whose goals don’t align with your own. If you don’t handle them just right, issues such as these can crush even the most seasoned, motivated developer. But with the right approach, you can transcend these common problems and become the professional developer you want to be.

In more than 50 nuggets of wisdom, you’ll learn about:

  • Why many traditional approaches to process and development roles in this industry are wrong—and how to sniff them out.
  • Why you must always say “no” to the software pet project and open-ended timelines.
  • How to incorporate code generation into your development process, and why its benefits go far beyond just faster code output.
  • What to do when your client or end user disagrees with an approach you believe in.
  • How to pay your knowledge forward to future generations of programmers through teaching and evangelism.

If you’re in this industry for the long run, you’ll be coming back to this book again and again.

Now available in beta from

Programming Ruby, 1.9.3

The third edition of Programming Ruby 1.9 has been updated to correct pending errata and address the minor changes in Ruby 1.9.3:

  • id moved to BasicObject
  • rand() can now take a range
  • new byteslice() and prepend() methods in String
  • new advise(), binwrite() and write() methods for IO, and new encoding-aware behavior of putc()
  • new endian modifiers for pack() and unpack() directives
  • added a section on ARGF
  • document new modifiers to strftime, and update table of strftime directives
  • document File::NULL (name of the null device)
  • new File mode constants
  • new methods private_constant() and public_constant() in Module
  • added library pages for IO::Console and IO::NONBLOCK

This is a free update if you own the eBook version. If you haven’t yet bought the eBook version of Programming Ruby 1.9, come get it now from

Please note the paperback version remains at 1.9.2 until the next reprint.


This month, we’re holding our third annual tech book writing month, piggybacking on the idea of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). If you aren’t (yet) writing a book for us, we have advice for you! And a supportive community of other writers. And answers to your questions. And the motivation of weekly wordcount checkins, if you want that.

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