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The Rails View: Create a Beautiful and Maintainable User Experience, now in print

March 28, 2012

Modern web development involves a lot of moving parts and a lot of different technologies, and it can be hard to get them all just right. In the heat of development, it’s particularly easy to neglect the presentation layer until it grows to become an unmanageable mess. But you can fix that Broken Window with The Rails View, now in print and shipping from

The Rails View

In this book you’ll learn how to build up solid, sustainable layouts and popular interface elements with semantic HTML5 and CSS3. You’ll explore ways to make working with forms more manageable, and you’ll discover when you can responsibly generate markup and use advanced presenters—all without leaving the designers on your team out in the cold. You’ll even learn how to tame HTML emails so you can ensure your message reaches its intended audience.

Master the asset pipeline introduced in Rails 3.1 as you use Sass and Coffeescript to make your interface more enjoyable and your code shorter, and explore ways to present your application to that ever-growing mobile audience. You’ll see how to ensure that your interface stays snappy by evaluating its performance.

This book gives you comprehensive, objective guidance in a realm full of subjective opinions. Use it, and you’ll create elegant, well-structured views that are a joy to build upon.

Now in print and shipping from

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