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The RSpec Book now in Beta, new Sinatra screencast


The long-awaited first beta version of The RSpec Book is here! And in the spirit of using the right tool for the job, take a look at Sinatra to create lean-and-mean web apps in our latest screencast, Classy Web Development with Sinatra.

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The RSpec Book

Behaviour Driven Development is about writing software that matters. It is an approach to agile software development that takes cues from Test Driven Development, Domain Driven Design, and Acceptance Test Driven Planning.

RSpec and Cucumber are the leading Behaviour Driven Development tools in Ruby. RSpec supports Test Driven Development in Ruby through the BDD lens, keeping your focus on design and documentation while also supporting thorough testing and quick fault isolation. Cucumber, RSpec’s steadfast companion, supports Acceptance Test Driven Planning with business-facing, executable requirements documentation that helps to ensure that you are writing relevant software targeted at real business needs.

The RSpec Book will introduce you to RSpec, Cucumber, and a number of other tools that make up the Ruby BDD family. Replete with tutorials and practical examples, the RSpec Book will help you get your BDD on, taking you from executable requirements to working software that is clean, well tested, well documented, flexible and highly maintainable.

Now available in Beta from

Classy Web Development with Sinatra

Sinatra is a small Ruby web application framework that packs a big punch. It’s also a lot of fun! You can use Sinatra to write tiny, focused web applications and lightweight REST services very quickly. And sometimes a lean and mean web app is all you need. If you haven’t given Sinatra a look, now’s a great time to get a fresh perspective on web development. Learn how to get the most out of Sinatra from Adam Keys, an experienced Ruby and Sinatra developer.

After watching these video tutorials, you’ll know everything you need to write, test, and deploy your own Sinatra applications. All the information is distilled down and indexed for you, so you can get right to the good stuff. These screencasts are the most up-to-date way to learn Sinatra from an expert. The example applications are based on the latest and greatest major release of Sinatra (

Available now from in Quicktime, iPod, and Ogg formats.

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