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The ThoughtWorks Anthology, now in print and shipping

ThoughtWorks Anthology


This week I’m pleased to announce that the ThoughtWorks Anthology is now available in print.

ThoughtWorks is a well-known global consulting firm; ThoughtWorkers are leaders in areas of design, architecture, SOA, testing, and agile methodologies. This collection of essays brings together contributions from well-known ThoughtWorkers such as Martin Fowler, along with other specialists in their fields.

This new anthology includes essays on agile development as well as issues throughout the entire software development life cycle. From technology topics that transcend methodology, to issues of realizing business value from applications, you’ll find something of interest here:

  • Solving the Business Software “Last Mile”
  • One Lair and Twenty Ruby DSLs
  • The Lush Landscape of Languages
  • Polyglot Programming
  • Object Calisthenics
  • What Is an Iteration Manager Anyway?
  • Project Vital Signs
  • Consumer-Driven Contracts: A Service Evolution Pattern
  • Domain Annotations
  • Refactoring Ant Build Files
  • Single-Click Software Release
  • Agile vs. Waterfall Testing for Enterprise Web Apps
  • Pragmatic Performance Testing

Now Available in print and PDF

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