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tmux 2: Productive Mouse-Free Development; New Elm Course from Pragmatic Studio

November 16, 2016

Welcome to November 16. On this day in 1904, John Ambrose Fleming received his patent for the vacuum tube. Although you no longer need thousands of tubes for a primitive computer, tubes are still plentiful in audio, medical, and military applications.

Sometimes older technologies have an unexpected advantage.

So why promote mouse-free development? Because it gives you an advantage.

Take advantage today. Now in print and shipping from

And for the best cutting-edge approach to the web, check out Elm. Read on for details.

tmux 2: Productive Mouse-Free Development

You have a database console, web server, test runner, and text editor running at the same time, but switching between them and trying to find what you need takes up valuable time and breaks your concentration. By using tmux 2.3, you can improve your productivity and regain your focus. This book will show you how.

This second edition includes many features requested by readers, including how to integrate plugins into your workflow, how to integrate tmux with Vim for seamless navigation—oh, and how to use tmux on Windows 10.

Use tmux to manage multiple terminal sessions in a single window using only your keyboard. Manage and run programs side by side in panes, and create the perfect development environment with custom scripts so that when you're ready to work, your programs are waiting for you. Manipulate text with tmux's copy and paste buffers, so you can move text around freely between applications. Discover how easy it is to use tmux to collaborate remotely with others, and explore more advanced usage as you manage multiple tmux sessions, add custom scripts into the tmux status line, and integrate tmux with your system.

Whether you're an application developer or a system administrator, you'll find many useful tricks and techniques to help you take control of your terminal.

Now in print and shipping from

The Pragmatic Studio’s New Course for Elm 0.18

Elm is rapidly changing the front-end game! Are you ready?

In "Elm: The Pragmatic Way" ( you’ll learn how to confidently build feature-rich Elm apps from scratch with a deep understanding of both the "how" and “why." The first 8 of 22 modules in this video course are now available.

Get in on the early access price! Or if you purchased the previous course version, this update is absolutely free. Enjoy!

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