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Ubuntu Kung Fu shipping/podcast; iPhone news


Ubuntu Kung Fu: Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Hacks is now in print and shipping. Meet the author, Keir Thomas, in this week’s podcast. Also, see below for the latest news on our iPhone SDK book.

Ubuntu Kung Fu In Print and Shipping

Ubuntu builds on a solid base of Debian Linux to create an award-winning operating system that’s light-years ahead of its competitors. Ubuntu consistently tops lists of the most popular Linuxes amongst professionals and enthusiasts; Dell recently embraced Ubuntu in its product lines after a user survey indicated overwhelming public support.

Ubuntu Kung Fu provides hints, hacks, tweaks and tricks for every level of user. Its 300+ concise tips utilize and exploit hidden or lesser-known features to boost day-to-day productivity, and show you how to have more fun using Ubuntu. You’ll also find tips on tweaking Ubuntu, wrangling the system into shape, optimizing, enhancing security, and lots more. Learn what extraordinary things you can do with Ubuntu.

If you’re migrating from Windows or Mac OS X, this book is for you. These tips have one aim—to produce results as quickly as possible, in an environment where you can polish your skills as you read.

This is the Linux book for the rest of us.

Meet the Author

In this week’s podcast, meet Ubuntu Kung Fu author Keir Thomas. Keir tells us why Ubuntu is so popular, explains the wealth of drivers and ease of installation and use, the strength of the Ubuntu community, and where Ubuntu came from. You’ll hear how to wring more power out of older hardware, and see that modern Linux is no longer just a hobby, it’s here to help you get more done.

iPhone News

We’ve had the iPhone book ready to go beta for some months, but were prevented from publishing it because of the iPhone SDK’s Non-Disclosure Agreement (which affects all publishers regarding this material, regardless of whether the reader is a member of the ADC or not).

Normally, pre-release NDA’s such as this one are lifted when the product finally ships. We expected that this NDA would be lifted when the iPhone 2.0 software shipped, but it wasn’t. The September announcement came and went, and still the NDA remains in place.

It now appears that Apple does not intend to lift the NDA any time soon. Regrettably, this means we are pulling our iPhone book out of production. But all is not lost: we are actively looking at alternative ways of getting this content to you. It probably won’t happen anytime soon, but know that we are doing what we can.

Coming Soon:

  • iPhone SDK Development
  • Debug It! Find, Repair, and Prevent Bugs
  • Programming Scala — details available here.
  • …and more!

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