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Using memcached, new podcast with Andy Hunt


We’ve got three new things to announce this week:

memcached is a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, used to speed up dynamic web applications. memcached was developed to enhance the speed of’s one million users with 20 million dynamic page views per day, providing faster page load times for users and better resource utilization.

See how to add memcached to your own web infrastructure with Using memcached, the latest in our PDF-only Friday series.

Also new this week, Lyle Johnson, author of FXRuby: Create Lean and Mean GUIs with Ruby is interviewed over at They are featuring an exclusive excerpt from his book there as well. Check it out!

Finally, Pragmatic co-founder Andy Hunt is interviewed by our own Daniel Steinberg for this week’s podcast, available at (also on iTunes).

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