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Web Development Recipes AND The SPDY Book: Making Websites Fly

August 17, 2011

Summer’s drawing to a close, and it’s back-to-school time. Time to dive in and get up to speed on the latest technologies that will make your work easier. This week we’re very happy to announce two great new titles: Web Development Recipes ( and The SPDY Book: Making Websites Fly (

Come and get ’em, and knock our socks off with your new web app.

Web Development Recipes

Modern web development takes more than just HTML and CSS with a little JavaScript mixed in. Clients want more responsive sites with faster interfaces that work on multiple devices, and you need the latest tools and techniques to make that happen. Web Development Recipes gives you a full spectrum of cutting-edge web development techniques, from UI and eye candy recipes to solutions for data analysis, testing, and web hosting.

Make buttons and content stand out with simple cross-browser styles; do animations that work on mobile devices without plugins; build and test HTML emails; and build a flexible layout that works on desktops and mobile devices. You’ll use the Backbone and Knockout JavaScript frameworks to build responsive user interfaces, and you’ll learn how tools like CoffeeScript and Sass offer better ways to develop and maintain your client-side code. You’ll write tests for your code that run in multiple web browsers, use Git to keep track of your work, and even get a little one-on-one time with the Apache web server.

Whether you’re new to front-end development, or you’ve got a few years of experience, you’ll become a more versatile developer by finding out how—and why—to use these solutions in your next web development project.

Now available in beta from

The SPDY Book: Making Websites Fly

If your website does not load in 4 seconds, 1/3 of your potential customers will close the browser never to give you a second thought. But building high performance websites is hard.

What if you took the best ideas from the past decade on how to improve HTTP and wrapped them up in a brand new protocol? Then you’d get SPDY. Google is already using SPDY in production on all of their sites to make their services even faster. Why shouldn’t your websites do the same?

In The SPDY Book, you will see how to take an existing website and make it fly. You’ll see how a few SPDY additions to your application code can improve real performance by 50% or more—while still keeping your website 100% backwards compatible with older browsers.

From the folks at Google, the new SPDY protocol (pronounced “Speedy”) promises this and more. Your websites will be blazingly fast, be more reliable and more secure. This book won’t stop at the surface, but will delve into specific techniques to achieve these results. You also get a deep dive into the protocol itself to better understand how SPDY really works. In an age of ever more fickle web and mobile users, you can’t afford to ignore this breakthrough technology!

This book, available in PDF, mobi, and ePub formats, was entirely written and produced by the author. We are proud to be distributing it. Please note this title is not eligible for further discounts or coupons.

Now available from

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