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Win a Studio; iPad and iPhone Kung Fu; The Coding Dojo Handbook

October 16, 2013

On this day in 1869, the Cardiff giant was "discovered." It was a hoax, of course, one of the most famous hoaxes in U.S. history. No hoaxes here, just two new great books and another giveaway.

This week we're pleased to announce iPad and iPhone Kung Fu, 300 tips to help you make the most of your Apple devices, now in beta from

Also this week, The Coding Dojo Handbook, featuring Code Katas for you and your team, now available from

Looking for tips to jump into functional programming? Have a look at this Q&A with Michael Bevilacqua-Linn at

More details on the new books in just a second, but first, some anniversary news.

Win an Online Pragmatic Studio Course

This week you can win an online course from the Pragmatic Studio: your choice of Ruby, or Ruby on Rails. Just sign up for the Pragmatic Studio's newsletter at

Void where prohibited, immoral or fattening. No purchase necessary to win, but hey, we've had some great books come out over the last few weeks you might want to check out.

Last Week's Winner

And please extend a round of virtual applause to last week's winner of a full Pragmatic Bookshelf PLUS a hand-signed copy of The Pragmatic Programmer:

Joseph Hallett, Bristol, UK.

iPad and iPhone Kung Fu: Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Hacks for iOS 7

Apple changed the world with the iPhone and iPad. But while Apple's impeccable design and attention to detail makes using the devices easy, getting the very most from the software takes time and effort. iPad and iPhone Kung Fu picks up where instruction manuals finish and wastes no time turning you into an expert.

Whether it's browsing the web with Safari, emailing with Mail, photographing with the Camera app, sharing on Facebook or Twitter, reading and learning with iBooks, or navigating with Maps, this book digs down into the nitty-gritty of the operating system and its apps. You'll find the juiciest and most astonishing time-savers and labor-saving tricks for iOS 7.

But the iPad and iPhone aren't just about content consumption. Learn tricks for using Apple's iWork applications to edit and create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Find tips for using GarageBand to make tunes, and hints for how iMovie can create your latest blockbuster. You'll discover the secrets of Apple's iPhoto image editing app, too.

This is the premier companion for your Apple adventure, and the only book you need.

Now available in beta from

The Coding Dojo Handbook

This book is full of practical advice and ideas for practicing skills such as test-driven development, refactoring, and pair programming. Perhaps you’re a team lead, and you’d like to promote good practices among your team colleagues. Maybe you lead a programming language user group and you’re looking for a fun hands-on activity to do at meetings, or are planning a brown bag lunch series at work. This book gives you all the advice you need to get your own group started.

Included is a catalogue of "Kata" coding exercises that you can try, and advice about how to choose one for your particular situation. You'll learn various collaborative coding games, which can be a fun way to introduce a serious discussion about software design or development processes. Test-driven development is one of the key skills you’ll want to practice in the Coding Dojo, so there’s also a straightforward description of TDD you can use to explain it. Throughout the book are little "Dojo Disaster" anecdotes. They illustrate when things have gone less than perfectly, and how you can avoid such mistakes.

A dojo is a fun and rewarding activity for any bunch of coders!

This book was written and produced entirely by the author. We are proud to be distributing it.

Now available from

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