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Win all our ebooks PLUS; The Dream Team Nightmare; Programming Erlang

Win all our ebooks PLUS; The Dream Team Nightmare; Programming Erlang

October 09, 2013

As luck would have it, today is John Lennon's birthday. Imagine that.

Well we don't have a Number Nine Dream for you, but we do have The Dream Team Nightmare, an exciting and new kind of tech book reading experience. You get to choose your path through the story, making decisions and living through the outcomes. But don't worry, you can always go back and choose differently, and see how the book unfolds. Now available in ebook from; paperbacks will ship in approximately four to six weeks.

Parallel, concurrent environments. What a pain. Whether it's a multi-user game, web site, cloud application, or networked database, you might be facing thousands of users all interacting at the same time. You need a powerful, industrial-strength tool to handle the tough jobs. You need Erlang. Second edition now in print and shipping from

More details on both of these books in just a second, but first, some anniversary news.

Win a Full Bookshelf and a Signed Copy

This week you've got a second chance to win an ebook copy of every single Pragmatic title currently available, plus a cool bonus: a paperback copy of The Pragmatic Programmer hand-signed by Dave and Andy.

This time it's even easier. Just make sure you have an account on and that in your profile ( you're signed up for this newsletter. Just make sure to check the box that says "Send me news…" and we’ll draw a winner at random.

Void where prohibited, immoral or fattening. No purchase necessary to win, but hey, we've had some great books come out over the last few weeks you might want to check out.

Last Week's Winner

And please extend a round of virtual applause to last week's winner of a full Pragmatic Bookshelf:

Matthew Hinton, who tweeted: "Your books got me up to speed on the technologies I use every day, thanks."

Congrats to Matthew! And thanks to everyone who wrote such kind and inspiring words. Here is a sampling of some of your comments:

"@pragprog books are water drops shaken from majestic swimming tigers, enlivening everything lucky enough to receive their nourishing wisdom." @mysterycommand

"I want to give a shout out to @pragprog. You guys are not the best “technical” publishers, you are the best publishers. Full stop." @grempe

"I used to be a Java Dev. Now, thanks to @pragprog, I'm much much more. Developer, Tester, Integrator, Releaser, Thinker, Learner. Better." @timdrivendev

"Ship It!, Practices of an Agile Developer and Behind Closed Doors taught me more than 7 years studying informatics engineering" @quiroz_gustavo

"I first purchased the pickaxe book and your Rails book. Those 2 books turned me into a Ruby dev. I now own over 40 of your books!" @Visoft

"The Pragmatic Programmer changed me. I all but stopped creating bugs. It's amazing how reliable my programs are due to TPP." @John4tl

"ThePragmaticProgrammer jump started my career, ThePragmaticStarterKit got me working and PragmaticThinking & Learning = game changer" @dannymacny

"God gave me PragShelf.Thru the books,I earn $3 daily.That's big cash to me.Know that,u feed a poor student in Africa.God bless u!" @Wertyman006

"you've helped me to learn to be pragmatic,poly-linguistic, productive and now, finally, functional (and a bit of a git)" @tonydonttweet

"Your books give an inner city kid like me hope I can build the future today. My passion for technology has grown into a lifestyle." @juvoni

"your books have helped me gain the courage to leave, learn, and lead. thanks for a great start." @johnbenson

The Dream Team Nightmare: Boost Team Productivity Using Agile Techniques

Management is ready to disband your new agile team and outsource your project. Can you save The Dream Team?

The Dream Team started their journey 18 months ago. Since then, life has become a nightmare. Progress has ground to a halt. Morale is low. Quality has become taboo. You have five days to figure out how to get the team back on track. There will be conflict and maybe tears. One thing is for sure: there will be plenty of tough decisions to make.

Inspired by a classic gamebook series, this fun and interactive story has eight different endings designed to enrich and put your agile development knowledge and experience to the test. Packed with familiar scenarios an agile team faces every day, The Dream Team Nightmare offers you the chance to see what would happen if you could do things differently so you can change the way you do things for real with confidence.

Combining practical team-building exercises with effective facilitation and Systems Thinking, by the end of the book you'll be ready to rescue projects in trouble, and get new projects off to a better start.

Now available in ebook from, paperback will ship in approximately four to six weeks.

Programming Erlang, 2nd Ed. Now in Print

Using Erlang, you'll be surprised at how easy it becomes to deal with parallel problems, and how much faster and more efficiently your programs run. That's because Erlang uses sets of parallel processes—not a single sequential process, as found in most programming languages.

Joe Armstrong, creator of Erlang, introduces this powerful language in small steps, giving you a complete overview of Erlang and how to use it in common scenarios. You'll start with sequential programming, move to parallel programming and handling errors in parallel programs, and learn to work confidently with distributed programming and the standard Erlang/Open Telecom Platform (OTP) frameworks.

You need no previous knowledge of functional or parallel programming. The chapters are packed with hands-on, real-world tutorial examples and insider tips and advice, and finish with exercises for both beginning and advanced users.

The second edition has been extensively rewritten and covers Erlang R17 features. New to this edition are seven chapters covering the latest Erlang features: maps, the type system and the Dialyzer, WebSockets, programming idioms, and a new stand-alone execution environment. You'll write programs that dynamically detect and correct errors, and that can be upgraded without stopping the system. There's also coverage of rebar (the de facto Erlang build system), and information on how to share and use Erlang projects on github, illustrated with examples from cowboy and bitcask.

Erlang will change your view of the world, and of how you program.

Now in print and shipping from

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