14 April 2009
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Chad Fowler on the Passionate Programmer

Builds a remarkable career

Susannah Pfalzer interviews Chad Fowler on his new book, “The Passionate Programmer.” Chad talks about the reality of the two job markets, and how you have to focus on winning, not just on “not losing.” He’ll discuss steps to take in avoiding a career-by-coincidence, and how improving your career is really improving your life. Unlike other projects you’ve worked on, this time you are the product. See how to make the most of it.

04 February 2009
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Maik Schmidt on Ruby and Rails in the Enterprise

Now it's ready for business

Author Maik Schmidt tells Susannah Pfalzer all about the problems faced by software developers in the enterprise, and dealing with effectively with a potentially hostile environment, including adopting an agile approach in a non-agile world. Maik explains how to use Ruby and Rails to manage security issues, encryption, using Java and Ruby together, screen scraping and more. See how the ease of the new Ruby and Rails makes it ready for business.

03 December 2008
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Stuart Halloway on Programming Clojure

Be more expressive on the Java VM

Stuart Halloway, author of “Programming Clojure”, tells Susannah Pfalzer all about this new and cool programming language. Stuart explains how Clojure helps you move beyond noun-based programming toward verb-based programming, and why pure functions are important for concurrency. It’s a lot of Lisp, but with Less parentheses—even fewer than Java itself. See how to be more expressive on the Java VM, and how Clojure is different from Scala and Groovy.

05 November 2008
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Marcus Zarra on Core Data for Mac OS X

Huge gains in developer productivity and performance

Marcus Zarra talk about Apple’s Core Data API: just as Interface Builder made GUI’s much easier, Core Data makes managing an application’s data much easier. Marcus explains how, and discusses Core Data’s advantages as well as hints and tips to getting the most out of it.

15 October 2008
Cover Image For Rails for .NET Developers…

Jeff Cohen and Brian Eng on Rails for .Net Developers

Embracing the Rails way

Pragmatic editor Susannah Pfalzer interviews authors Jeff Cohen and Brian Eng, asking “what do .NET developers find so compelling about Rails?” Jeff and Brian go on to explain the key differences between the .NET environment and the open source environment of traditional Ruby and Rails, the importance (and adoption) of MVC, unit tests, and differences in development styles. They’ll also explain how to use the right tool for the job and take a quick look at IronRuby, and Ruby’s interoperability with .NET.

23 September 2008

Keir Thomas on Ubuntu Kung Fu

Upgrade to Ubuntu and get more done

Meet Keir Thomas, author of “Ubuntu Kung Fu: Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Hacks.” Keir tells us why Ubuntu is so popular, explains the wealth of drivers, ease of installation and use, the strength of the Ubuntu community, and where Ubuntu came from. You’ll hear how to wring more power out of older hardware, and see that modern Linux is no longer just a hobby, it’s here to help you get more done.

10 September 2008
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Fred Daoud on Stripes

Make Java Web Development Fun Again

In this interview by Pragmatic editor Jackie Carter, author Frederic Daoud explains what Stripes is, and why it’s a better Java web framework, featuring easy integration with other technologies including Hibernate, and why it’s vital if you’re creating applications that have to be multilingual.

20 August 2008

Chad Fowler

Finding the Jagged Edges

Daniel Steinberg interviews Chad Fowler on a wide range of topics including programming, music, math, the C64, Ruby, Rails, electronics, hooking up the real world to the computer, the Principle of Agreement, the dangers of stagnation, invigorating your career and globalization.

06 August 2008
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Ian Dees on Scripted GUI Testing with Ruby

Doing things you couldn't do before

Jackie Carter interviews Ian Dees, author of “Scripted GUI Testing with Ruby” Ian talks about using automation in support of GUI testing, and describes how automation allows you to do things you couldn’t do before. Frustrated with proprietary, difficult scripting languages, or fragile, coordinate-based systems, Ian describes how GUI testing with Ruby is such a pleasure. Ian’s new book gives you the actual techniques to take control of this window or that drop-down list—without hard-coded data. Ian describes his use of rSpec, randomized and matrix testing, writing stories for testing, and more.

23 July 2008
Cover Image For Pragmatic Version Control Using Git…

Travis Swicegood: Pragmatic Version Control using Git

Distributed version control comes of age

Pragmatic editor Susannah Pfalzer interviews Travis Swicegood, author of “Pragmatic Version Control using Git.” Travis tells us about distributed version control in general, when to use it — and when not to.
He also describes how Git works, and walks through the daily Git workflow. Travis reminds us that code is never perfect, and describes how to track changes in a distributed environment. He’ll show how to selectively push repositories to different people on your team, and how to use gitosis.