09 July 2008
Cover Image For Programming Cocoa with Ruby…

Brian Marick on Ruby Cocoa and Testing

Who's smart enough to program?

Brian Marick talks to Daniel Steinberg on a wide variety of topics. Brian asks, who’s smart enough to program?, and describes how he met Andy and Dave at the Agile Manifesto summit. He talks about using Lisp, Smalltalk and Ruby, and about introducing programming to testers. Brian also shares the secrets of Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), and of course, his new book on Ruby Cocoa: marrying Ruby with the uber-cool Mac OS X Cocoa GUI framework, and test driven development with Ruby Cocoa code.

18 June 2008
Cover Image For Developing Facebook Platform Applications with Rails…

Michael J Mangino on Facebook Applications

Embed your own app in Facebook

Pragmatic editor Susannah Pflazer interviews Mike Mangino, author of “Developing Facebook Platform Applications with Rails.” Mike describes how Facebook works, and talks about using facebooker for Ruby on Rails to provide helpers, handle authentication, and more.

Mike walks through developing an application in Facebook, describes the parts of Facebook, as well as messaging, testing, and engaging users. Find out about the magic 8-second rule and the key aspects of a successful Facebook application.

04 June 2008

Mike Clark on Studios and Screencasts

and the right media for the message

Daniel Steinberg interviews the Pragmatic Studio’s Mike Clark. Mike talks about the Pragmatic Studio, the Edge Conferences, Screencasts and shoulder surfing, and how to get inside the head of an expert.

21 May 2008
Cover Image For Pragmatic Thinking and Learning…

Andy Hunt on Pragmatic Wetware

It's all in your head

Join us as Daniel Steinberg interviews Pragmatic co-founder Andy Hunt. Andy describes his journey from the techniques in The Pragmatic Programmer, the programming language Ruby and the Agile development movement, to looking at wetware—the stuff in our heads. Andy discusses the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition, lateral specialization in the brain, mindmaps and more. You’ll find out why sometimes the best thing you can do is to step away from the keyboard.

07 May 2008

Dave Thomas on Pragmatic Publishing

and the Joy of Programming

Join us as Daniel Steinberg interviews Pragmatic co-founder Dave Thomas. Dave explains a bit about how we started the publishing business, and our unique production process and its separation of content from presentation. You’ll hear all about reader involvement in our books, what makes a Pragmatic book, and Dave’s take on the book industry as a whole. Dave reminds us of why we’re in this business: for the joy and passion of programming.

23 April 2008
Cover Image For Programming Groovy…

Programming Groovy

Making the hard stuff simpler

Venkat Subramaniam, author of “Programming Groovy: Dynamic Productivity for the Java Developer” talks at length with Daniel Steinberg about coding in Groovy, metaprogramming, and choosing a language. You’ll learn when Groovy is a great choice, and when it’s not. Venkat shares how to use builders to relieve the tedium of XML processing, explains why metaprogramming is so hard in Java, and why type-safety isn’t what you think. Finally, Venkat explains how programming is a lot like a chainsaw.

09 April 2008
Cover Image For FXRuby…

FXRuby with Lyle Johnson

Cross-platform GUIs in Ruby

FXRuby is a cross-platform GUI for Ruby. Listen as Pragmatic editor Susannah Pfalzer interviews Lyle Johnson, the lead developer of FXRuby and author of the new book, “FXRuby: Create Lean and Mean GUIs with Ruby.” Lyle explains what you need to know before using FXRuby, some interesting aspects of FXRuby and the FOX toolkit, the target and message approach, automatic GUI updating, recommended guides to user interface design, and more!

26 March 2008
Cover Image For Core Animation for Mac OS X and the iPhone…

Core Animation and the iPhone

New interfaces. Cool. Easy.

Daniel Steinberg interviews Bill Dudney, author of “Core Animation for OS X: Creating Dynamic Compelling User Interfaces.”

Listen as Bill discusses user interfaces on the iPhone and desktop, and how you can develop using core animation on the desktop and apply it directly to iPhone development.

Bill explains about using animated layers in 3D space, how Cocoa and Interface Builder avoid the trap of generated code stubs, the growing opportunities of internal fat-client apps on the iPhone platform, and opportunities in consulting for new rich user interfaces.

12 March 2008
Cover Image For Mastering Dojo…

Mastering Dojo with Craig Riecke, Rawld Gill, and Alex Russell

More than just Ajax Plumbing

Pragmatic editor Jackie Carter talks to Craig Riecke, Rawld Gill, and Alex Russell, authors of the upcoming book, “Mastering Dojo: JavaScript and Ajax Tools for Great Web Experiences.”

Dojo gives you more than just Ajax Plumbing: you get everything from easy-to-use widgets for a rich UI, to optimization and deployment. Dojo covers a surprising depth and breadth of functionality, combining the best of leading edge features and stable, corporate-friendly maturity.

Listen as the authors discuss Dojo, the Dojo foundation, and how Dojo is brutally Pragmatic.

27 February 2008
Cover Image For Rails for PHP Developers…

Rails for PHP Developers interview with Derek DeVries

Using the best tool for the job

Susannah Pfalzer interviews Derek DeVries, co-author of “Rails for PHP Developers.” Listen as Derek describes structure in PHP vs. Rails, web programming frameworks and feature cross-pollination. Derek suggests the best way to learn Rails, discusses development process and best practices, and describes using ActiveResource to let PHP and Rails coexist.

Is Rails better than PHP? It’s all about using the right tool for the job at hand. Give a listen and Derek will explain.