13 February 2008
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Christophe Porteneuve on JavaScript Frameworks

Why Javascript alone isn't enough

Author Christophe Porteneuve explains what Prototype and script.aculo.us are, how they relate to Dojo, and why Javascript alone isn’t enough for modern applications. See how to smooth over browser incompatibilities, tame the wild DOM, and more.

19 December 2007
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Jeremy Sydik on Designing Accessible Web Sites

Improve your website with these Top Ten Design Principles

Pragmatic Editor Susannah Pfalzer interviews Jeremy Sydik, author of Design Accessible Web Sites. You’ll find that when you design your websites to be more accessible, the design is cleaner and more attractive to all of your visitors. Hear how you can best improve your whole website as Jeremy discusses accessibility and shares his Top Ten Design Principles for websites.

28 November 2007
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Johanna Rothman on how to "Manage It"

Hope is not a methodology

What should a manager actually do? What does multitasking really mean? What does an MBA qualify you for? Learn the answers to these and other critical questions as Johanna Rothman, author of “Manage It”, explains how to really make teams go faster, and discover the importance of practice, feedback, and fun. Plus Johanna reads an except from her Schedule Games chapter.

07 November 2007
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Michael Nygard Interview, Part Two

And then it crashed...

Join MIke Nygard, author of “Release It!” as he explains that 50% of datacenter outages are human-induced, and how to approach configuration and deployment the right way. As an extra bonus, listen to Mike read an excerpt from his new book.

24 October 2007
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Michael Nygard Interview

Are you sure you thought of everything?

Just one hour of downtime on a Fortune 500 website can cost $300,000 or more. Join Mike Nygard, the author of “Release It!”, as he explains how to use stability and capacity design patterns to avoid expensive, public disasters.