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Pragmatic exPress

Pragmatic exPress is a new kind of book: short, focused, and right to the point. Readers can pick it up and get hands on with the good stuff in under 100 pages or so.

Your readers get books that are are easily digestible, on smaller subjects, priced right for technologies that they’re serious about, or even just curious.

As an author, you have an opportunity to create something that’s faster to write, faster to get out into the hands of readers, and easier to update. You’ll have a Development Editor to help you craft your prose into the best it can be, using our nifty PML (Pragmatic Markup Language).

These books will be featured on our site, available in all our supported ebook formats (currently PDF, epub, mobi) and also on paper, and in the Kindle store. Oh, and you get 50% royalty. We’ll feature these books in our regular marketing materials, and will make them available through what’s left of the paperback retail channel. You’ll get all the advantages of being featured with our full catalog of awesome books, and you’ll be able to update your book as often as necessary—keeping your book fresh and a topic of conversation.

Cover Image For tmux…

The first Pragmatic exPress book is Brian Hogan’s tmux. Brian’s book is the model and shows exactly what we’re looking for. And it’s been a success right from the start. We asked Brian what he thought about the launch, and he told us, “Exceeding expectations. I didn’t expect to get this many in the first week. Not even close. I’m thrilled.” All the current Pragmatic exPress titles are listed on our website.

Once you’ve finished a full outline and about half of the book (20,000 words or so), let us know by emailing, and we’ll take a look.

Something to make a developer’s life easier. Under 100 pages. Right to the good stuff.

Help us change the world today.

Andy & Dave

The Pragmatic Programmers