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Pragmatic Guide Series

If you want to know what lies ahead, ask those who are coming back. Our pragmatic authors have been there, they’ve done it, and they’ve come back to help guide you along the road. They’ll get you started quickly, with a minimum of fuss and hand-holding.

That’s the idea behind our new series.

The Pragmatic Guide Series features convenient, task-oriented two-page spreads. You’ll find what you need fast, and get on with your work. Each task features:

  • An in-depth description
  • A quick command reference with just what you need
  • Cross references to other related tasks

Here’s a sample page from Pragmatic Guide to Git (click on the small version here to see a full-size image).


For longer excerpts and more information, check out some of the titles in this series:

Cover Image For Pragmatic Guide to Git… Cover Image For Pragmatic Guide to Subversion… Cover Image For Pragmatic Guide to JavaScript…

The Pragmatic Guide Series is available in paperback, PDF, epub, and mobi formats from the Pragmatic Bookshelf.