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For the Press

Who are these guys?

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We’re Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas, otherwise known as the Pragmatic Programmers, for our epynonymous first book in 1999, The Pragmatic Programmer.

We’re founders of the Agile software movement, and co-authored the Manifesto for Agile Development, so it seemed only natural to create an agile publishing business.

We do things a little differently.

For instance, we sell a lot of eBooks in PDF format. But our books are not encumbered with DRM; we trust that our readers are not common thieves.

In order to get cutting-edge information out to the community as fast as possible, we have our Beta Book program. With beta books, readers can purchase a book that’s still in development in PDF form. They receive the final PDF (and or paper book) when the book is completed. There’s a link on each page of the PDF to report errata, which the authors use to correct problems or add explanation or content where needed.

For more information, see this page that provides some background information for reviewers, check out our promotional videos or feel free to just contact us.

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What Our Customers Say

Beyond the many great reviews we get for our books, our customers have plenty to say about our company as well.

Let me congratulate you on your professionalism—not only is it unheard of to be able to actually talk to a book author via e-mail or phone, but it is even more outrageous for them to respond to an error so quickly and so decisively… You two gentleman have class and I think that still counts for something.

Mike Park, IT Services Manager

I must compliment you not only on great books but also on excellent service.

Marcus Ahnve, Sweden

I love the pragmatic books! And I particularly love that I can order them as PDF—that makes it just so much easier. I can sit here in the mountains in northern Thailand and get the latest and greatest in software engineering instantly. Awesome.

Nikolaus Heger, Thailand

I am not one to be driven to write email after making an online purchase but I must congratulate you on adopting such a refreshing policy of selling your books in electronic form without the DRM baggage that I have experienced in the past. You are guaranteed to get my business for future purchases! Keep up the great work.

Charles S. Hall, Software Engineer