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Cutting An Agile Groove Video

For Immediate Release: January 4, 2011

You’ve struggled to bring agile practices to projects but have been frustrated by buzzword-heavy books and presentations that seem to have been written by academics. What you want is straight talk giving practical advice on the real problems that you face in leading or working in agile teams.

Cutting an Agile Groove (Pragmatic Bookshelf, $14/each or $50/set) is a series of videos by respected agile consultant David Hussman that shows you how to design an agile, lean process and deliver real value for your product or project—in plain English, with real-world examples.

You’ll get concrete tools for people on agile teams, people trying to introduce lasting change, and people who are completely new to agile methods. Whether you call yourself a coach, Scrum Master, tech lead, manager, director, or product owner, the series will give you essential tools for coaching, product design, and planning.

This video series was recorded in front of a live audience and is divided into three sections: Planning to Coach, Developing Customers and Products, and Discovery and Delivery, each of which contains multiple episodes.

  1. Cutting an Agile Groove.
  2. Questioning and Learning
  3. Selecting and Suggesting
  4. Planning to Coach
  5. Collaborative Chartering
  6. Pragmatic Personas
  7. In Story Mapping
  8. Planning to Discover
  9. Planning to Deliver

David Hussman has helped scores of coaches and Scrum Masters successfully guide teams with agile methods, and now you can benefit from his experience at your own pace. If you, or someone in your company, is thinking about using Agile for a project, the Cutting an Agile Groove series contains a wealth of techniques and tools for getting the project going in the right direction.

Title Information

Cutting an Agile Groove
by David Hussman
9 Episodes $14.00US/each, $50.04/set, .mp4, .mov, .ogg.

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