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Test Driven Development for Embedded C


If you’re working in C, or on limited footprint, embedded systems, you have to do without a lot of things that you might enjoy when working with larger systems. But you don’t have to give up on good development techniques: you can use Test Driven Development even on the smallest systems. James Grenning, one of the 17 authors of the Agile Manifesto, shows you how.

Test Driven Development for Embedded C (Pragmatic Bookshelf, $34.95) is the first book to teach the hows and whys of TDD for C programmers.

TDD is a modern programming practice that all C developers need to know. It’s a different way to program—unit tests are written in a tight feedback loop with the production code. You get valuable feedback every few minutes. You find mistakes before they become bugs. You get early warning of design problems. You get immediate notification of side-effect defects. You get to spend more time adding valuable features to your product.

James is one of the few experts in applying TDD to embedded C. With his years of training, coaching, and practicing TDD in C, C++, Java, and C# he will lead you from being a novice in TDD to using the techniques that few have mastered.

This book is full of code written for embedded C programmers. You don’t just see the end product, you see how code and tests evolve. James leads you through the thought process and decisions made each step of the way. You’ll learn techniques for test-driving code right next to the hardware, and you’ll learn design principles and how to apply them to C to keep your code clean and flexible.

To run the examples in this book, you will need a C/C++ development environment on your machine, and the GNU GCC tool chain or Microsoft Visual Studio for C++.

Available in epub, mobi, and PDF direct from the publisher and in paperback from fine bookstores worldwide.

What People are Saying

“Test-Driven Development for Embedded C is the first book I would recommend to both C and C++ developers wanting to learn TDD, whether or not their target is an embedded platform. It’s just that good.” —C. Keith Ray, Agile coach/trainer, Industrial Logic, Inc.

“This book is targeting the embedded-programmer-on-the-street and hits its target. It is neither spoon-fed baby talk nor useless theory- spin. In clear and simple prose, James shows working geeks each of the TDD concepts and their C implementations. Any C programmer can benefit from working through this book.” —Michael “GeePaw” Hill, Senior TDD coach, Anarchy Creek Software

“This is a long-awaited book. It guides the reader through the unique challenges of applying Test-Driven Development to developing embedded software in C. It explains the principles and techniques of TDD using code examples, creating a clear path from start to finish. I recommend this book to anyone involved in embedded software development who is interested in doing it better.” —Timo Punkka, Software Development Manager, Schneider Electric

Book Information

Cover Image For Test-Driven Development for Embedded C…

Test-Driven Development for Embedded C

by James W. Grenning

ISBN: 9781934356623, 354 pages, $34.95US, $43.95CA, 7.5×9.

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Additional Resources

Sample chapters, table of contents, and more information is available on the book’s home page.

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