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Using JRuby: Bringing Ruby to Java


The Java platform’s reach extends from giant servers, through ordinary desktop machines, and down into mobile phones. Ruby is the most compelling programming language in a decade. Now you can bring the best of Ruby into the world of Java, with Using JRuby: Bringing Ruby to Java (Pragmatic Bookshelf, $34.95).

Written by the developers of JRuby, this is the definitive source for the core team’s insights and insider tips. You’ll learn how to call Java objects seamlessly from Ruby, and deal with Java idioms such as interfaces and overloaded functions. Run Ruby code from Java, and make a Java program scriptable in Ruby. See how to compile Ruby into .class files that are callable from Java, Scala, Clojure, or any other JVM language.

In Using JRuby you’ll venture into the wide world of open-source Ruby and Java libraries. Write Ruby on Rails web applications that run on Java servers like Tomcat. Use Java’s JDBC or Hibernate to easily connect Ruby to industry-standard databases. Test your Java program using Ruby’s elegant Cucumber and RSpec frameworks. Create dazzling desktop user interfaces with frameworks like Limelight and Monkeybars. Package a Rails or plain Ruby project for easy deployment to any Java environment.

JRuby lets you merge the best of several possible worlds, so you can create unique software using the best tools available. This book is your definitive guide.

Available in epub, mobi, and PDF direct from the publisher and in paperback from fine bookstores worldwide.

What People are Saying

“This book will open the eyes of any Java programmer who wants to take their art to the next level. Read it.” —Geoff Drake, Owner, Managed Design

I really liked the clear structure of the book and all the covered libraries/dependencies (like Rake, Ant, Maven, testing frameworks). This clearly outlines the whole JRuby universe so that new users will immediately see what’s available and how to start using it.” —Vladimir Sizikov, Senior engineer, Oracle

Book Information

Cover Image For Using JRuby…

Using JRuby

Bringing Ruby to Java

by Charles O Nutter, Thomas Enebo, Nick Sieger, Ola Bini, and Ian Dees

ISBN: 9781934356654, 300 pages, $34.95US, $40.95CA, 7.5×9.

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Additional Resources

Sample chapters, table of contents, and more information is available on the book’s home page.

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