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Becoming Productive in Xcode


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Becoming Productive in Xcode


XCode 4

NEW: Mike Clark has released free XCode 4 Bonus Tracks. If you’re using XCode 4, you’ll want these. You might always want to take a look at the new XCode 4 Keyboard Shortcuts poster.

XCode 3

Please note that the XCode 3 screencast is no longer for sale.

Xcode is the development environment used to create iPhone and Mac applications. There’s a lot you can do with Xcode, and it’s easy to get distracted by all the knobs and levers. But you’re using Xcode for one simple reason: You want to build iPhone or Mac applications as quickly as possible. Whether you’re a new iPhone developer seeing Xcode for the first time, or wish you were more familiar with the shortcuts, these screencasts will make you a more productive (and happier!) Xcode programmer.

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Available in: DRM-free iPod/iPhone 3 Video, iPad/iPhone 4 Video, and Quicktime Video
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By learning how to use Xcode in a truly productive way, you’ll spend less time being frustrated and have more time to focus on your application. We’ll look at essential keyboard shortcuts, how to use text macros and user scripts, template customization, build automation, and other time-saving tips and tricks.

Xcode 3.1.2 is used throughout these screencasts. Xcode 3.2 looks a tad different in some areas, but generally all the shortcuts and power moves taught in these screencasts are the same. Notable changes are listed in the forums.

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Contents & Extracts

  • Episode 1: Essential Shortcuts (37 minutes)

    In this episode, we’ll focus on the essential keyboard shortcuts (over 50!) you’ll use on a daily basis. You’ll learn how to:

    • Get oriented in the Xcode workspace
    • Select files without using the mouse
    • Navigate source code with ease using shortcuts
    • Create custom key bindings and change other preferences
    • Use code completion for maximum speed
    • Refactor code in a safe, automated way
    • Build and run an application with shortcuts
    • Get to the documentation quickly and effectively
  • Episode 2: Power Moves (46 minutes)

    In this episode, we’ll kick things up a notch by moving into “power user” territory. This is fairly advanced (and powerful) stuff, so make sure to start with Essential Shortcuts if you’re new to Xcode. You’ll learn how to:

    • Use predefined text macros to insert code snippets
    • Write custom text macros of arbitrary complexity
    • Format text macros with user defaults
    • Write user scripts to transform text and automate tasks
    • Customize project and file templates to meet your needs
    • Run a build from the command-line for easy automation
    • Write build phase scripts to hook into Xcode’s build process
    • Inject a Git revision number into your Info.plist file
    • Use the LLVM/Clang Static Analyzer


These screencasts are ideal for new iPhone or Mac developers getting started with Xcode, or anyone who wants to become more productive in Xcode. No prior experience with Xcode is required.


Mike Clark is an independent consultant, author, trainer, and programmer. He’s the author of Advanced Rails Recipes and Pragmatic Project Automation, and runs The Pragmatic Studio. He helped build one of the first commercial Rails applications and continues working on other Rails projects (including this very bookstore!). He’s currently having fun building applications that use two of his favorite tools — Rails and the iPhone — through his company, Clarkware Consulting.