Git has significantly changed the way teams develop software. Its distributed nature and lightweight branching and merging have made it possible for developers to massage their code bases in ways they couldn’t have imagined before. However, Git has a reputation for being hard to learn. And when folks transition to Git, they often settle for using a handful of commands and treat Git just like their other source control system. But because of its different approach to source control issues, many of the techniques and terminology we have learned in other source control systems do not translate cleanly when using Git. To begin to use Git effectively, you need to understand the underlying concepts.

In this 49-minute screencast, Jim Weirich takes you on a journey of how you might design and build a source control system from scratch. Along the way you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the first principles behind systems like Git, so things begin to make more sense.

This screencast is a great introduction to the principles of source control, for developers and managers alike! No prior experience with Git or other source control systems is required.

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About this Screencast

Contents and Extracts

This screencast covers the following topics:

  • The project archive: files, manifests, and metadata
  • Detecting duplication using SHA1
  • Ensuring the integrity of the project archive
  • Tags
  • Branches
  • Merging changes from different branches
  • Sharing code in a distributed way

About the Author

Jim Weirich was active in the software development world for over twenty-five years. Jim was very active in the Ruby community and contributed to several Ruby projects including the Rake build system, the FlexMock mocking library, and the RubyGems package management software. Jim was the Chief Scientist for EdgeCase, LLC.

Please Note: Jim passed away in February, 2014. The Pragmatic Programmers are donating 100% of the purchase price of this screencast to Jim’s family (excluding any tax charged which instead goes to the state).