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ExpressionEngine Techniques


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ExpressionEngine Techniques


This series is currently not for sale as the videos have become out of date.

Why work through common problems on your own when you can skip the trial and error and jump straight to a solution that works the first time? Learn the latest techniques the pros use to build full-featured websites with ExpressionEngine from Ryan Irelan, an ExpressionEngine guru. Each of these video tutorials teaches you how to solve a particular set of problems with ExpressionEngine, quickly and efficiently.

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In addition to the videos, you can also download the source code for each episode so you can follow along and experiment on your own.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    You want people to find your site. That’s what search engines do, but they need a little help. In this video, you’ll learn SEO techniques to structure your website so that it ranks as high as possible in search engine results. You’ll learn how optimize your website for search engines by creating:

    • entry-specific title tag content
    • dynamic HTML metadata: keywords and description
    • a sitemap file to help Google find your content
  • Pulling in External Content

    You often need to aggregate content that’s on another website or import data into your ExpressionEngine database. In this video, you’ll learn three different techniques for leveraging external content:

    • use the Magpie Plugin to display external RSS feed content
    • use the Feedgrab Plugin to save external RSS feed content into your database
    • use the CSVGrab Plugin to import content from a CSV file into your database


These screencasts are designed for web designers and developers. No programming experience is required. If you’re new to ExpressionEngine, you might consider starting with the Building a Dynamic Website with ExpressionEngine screencasts.


Ryan Irelan is a web developer, author and sometimes consultant. He’s the Senior Web Developer at Airbag Industries, an Internet consultancy firm. He has helped build, customize, and deploy more than two dozen ExpressionEngine sites. He is the author of ExpressionEngine 2: A Quick-Start Guide published the Pragmatic Programmers, LLC.