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You’re a Pragmatic Programmer. You aren’t wedded to any particular technology, but you have a broad enough background in the science, and your experience with practical projects allows you to choose good solutions in particular situations. Theory and practice combine to make you strong. You adjust your approach to suit the current circumstances and environment. And you do this continuously as the work progresses. Pragmatic Programmers get the job done, and do it well.

The Pragmatic Programmer Book

First published back at the turn of the century in 1999, The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master still expresses our beliefs about successful software development. We’re proud to have worked with hundreds of authors to develop new titles in the areas of projects, careers, and technical skills that exemplify the Pragmatic Programmer spirit.

And now, for the first time ever, you can now get the DRM-free PDF, epub, and mobi versions of The Pragmatic Programmer directly from us. And we can deliver them to your Dropbox, your Kindle, and you can join the community commenting on the book over at Readmill. Please note: The Pragmatic Programmer is published by Addison Wesley, and may not contain the same ebook features or format the same as our Pragmatic Bookshelf books.

Cover Image For The Pragmatic Programmer…

The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master.
by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas
Published by Addison-Wesley, Oct 1999
ISBN: 020161622X ISBN-13: 978-0201616224

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Praise for The Pragmatic Programmer

The Pragmatic Programmer is the most influential book of my career to date. I’ve owned 5 copies, because people always steal it, and re-read it at least twice a year. We use it at Unboxed as our book that all “newbies” read during their on boarding process. It doesn’t matter if they come in as a senior or fresh out of school. It is our book and we believe in its teachings. I even have all the tips printed out and posted on the door to my office.” — Nick Capito – Director of Software Engineering, Unboxed

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