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#48623: This mobi version consistently crashes my Kindle reader. I haven't tried reading it in my Kindle. No other books are doing this. I don't kn...more...
Antonio Cangiano says: Hi David, previous versions did this for me on Mac as well. However, Beta 7 seems to have fixed the problem. Could you try beta 7 (if you haven't done so already) and report back? Thank you very much for your feedback, Antonio

#50090: "Entering the URL of a competitor in Keyword Yool"
typo in the last word--Oleg Sukhodolsky


#49103: "Keyword Yool" should be "Keyword Tool" in the last sentence (in brackets) in the third paragraph from the bottom.--Brian Kidney


#50213: You mentioned "Hudson" in the column about CI but Jenkins is more popular now.--Yohei Onishi