29 February 2012 P1.0 (Printing)

First Printing.

31 January 2012 B7.0

All errata have been fixed. The book has now been indexed and copy edited. Now it’s on to layout and then the printer.

05 December 2011 B6.0

  • Added sidebar on Planet Aggregators.
  • Added sidebar on blogging about controversial topics.
  • Added mention to malware removal.
  • Added warning about Wordpress Stats outside of JetPack.
  • Added early praises.
  • Fixed typos reported in the errata.

17 November 2011 B5.0

  • Added Acknowledgments.
  • Added What’s Next section to chapter on planning.
  • Added sidebar about Author Information in Search Results.
  • Added a series of small tips, updates, and corrections throughout the book.
  • Added warning about hotlinking images.
  • Fixed a few formatting issues.

11 November 2011 B4.0

  • Added a chapter on scaling blogging activities.
  • Added a chapter on social media.
  • Added conclusion to the book.
  • Clarified Reddit submission guidelines.
  • Corrected a couple of typos.

21 October 2011 B3.0

  • Added a chapter on other benefits for bloggers.
  • Added a warning about FeedBurner changing interface.
  • Removed the hyperlink from a couple of fictitious URLs.
  • Clarified SEO difference between blog.yourcompany.com and yourcompany.com/blog.
  • Added link to WooCommerce in the chapter about the promotion of your own products.
  • Corrected reported typos and a broken link.

05 October 2011 B2.0

In this new beta release:

  • Added a chapter on “Promoting Your Own Business."
  • Corrected every reported typo.
  • Fixed an issue that caused images not to show up on some Nook devices.
  • Added a pageview column to my income report, as requested by some readers.
  • Slightly emphasized the importance of constructive criticism in the criticism section.
  • Added custom domain instructions for Blogger, and pointers for Word-Press.com and Tumblr.
  • Addressed the fact that Google Analytics is adding some real time capabilities.
  • Removed California from the list of currently banned states for Amazon Associates.

21 September 2011 B1.0

  • First Beta