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The latest version of the book is P2.0, released almost 5 years ago. If you've bought a PDF of the book and would like to update it to this version (for free), visit your home page.

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  • Reported in: P2.0 (18-Nov-15)
PDF page: 4
Please disregard previous errata I submitted, I put the wrong PDF page number. It should be page 4 of the PDF, not page 22. In Chapter 1, Xcode Pla...more...
  • Reported in: P2.0 (18-Nov-15)
PDF page: 22
In Chapter 1, Xcode Playgrounds section, this paragraph is no longer the case: “This makes the evaluation pane update again, but it just says “(2 t...more...
  • Reported in: P2.0 (02-Jun-15)
PDF page: 24
"go up to the toolbar and click the Assistant Editor button, which looks like two linked circles" The Assistant Editor icon no longer looks like tw...more...
  • Reported in: P2.0 (05-Jun-15)
PDF page: 24

Please ignore the report for #78465 - after updating to the latest Xcode, it now has 2 circles instead of the "valet" icon.--Egghead Games LLC

  • Reported in: P2.0 (18-Nov-15)
PDF page: 26
In the Coding the App - Logging section, the code example uses: println ("handleTweetButtonTapped") In Xcode Version 7.1.1 (7B1005), this functi...more...
  • Reported in: P1.0 (18-Apr-15)
PDF page: 54
The code presented here isn't quite what we did in the previous chapter. Specifically, it adds in the optional prefixing "self" on ln6, which wasn't i...more...
  • Reported in: P2.0 (07-Jun-15)
PDF page: 123

There is no such statement in my ViewController.swift file:
if parsedTweet.userAvatarURL != nil
--Trevor Hughes

  • Reported in: P2.0 (25-May-15)
PDF page: 159
Segue unwinding <<arrggghhh gaaackkkk yeeeeeeshhhhhhh>> Silly me. I chased this for 15 minutes because in my simpleton mind, I _assumed_ that the u...more...
  • Reported in: P2.0 (07-May-15)
PDF page: 165
Seems like twitter has changed the default profile image urls. The provided one doesn't work for me, but the ones in the twitter dev best practices st...more...
  • Reported in: P2.0 (27-May-15)
PDF page: 180
Sentence at middle of page: But to show how flexible gesture recognizers, we’ll do functionally the same thing by giving the existing image vi...more...
  • Reported in: P2.0 (16-Jun-15)
Paper page: 220
In the section titled "Implementing the Next Keyboard Button", the second sentence incorrectly refers to "KeyboardViewControllerStoryboard.storyboard"...more...
  • Reported in: P2.0 (30-May-15)
PDF page: 232
Nit: Yes, I know it should be obvious by now, but... In the second sentence of the first full paragraph on the page, you tell us noobs to "Run the ...more...
  • Reported in: P2.0 (30-May-15)
PDF page: 237
Second paragraph from the bottom, first line reads ("D" below is the command key symbol as translated by copy/paste from Preview into this text box): ...more...
  • Reported in: P2.0 (30-May-15)
PDF page: 250
Last paragraph on page opens with: Prior to running, let’s take a look at how all these app-signing pieces have come together. Click the project ic...more...
  • Reported in: P2.0 (14-Jun-15)
PDF page: 696
The page number is the Kindle location number. "Calling Up the SLComposeViewController" - I discovered that you need to add "import Social" in order t...more...