02 September 2014 P2.0 (Printing)

Fixed all current errata.

20 May 2014 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

05 May 2014 B7.0

  • Full copyedit and index done, onto layout and printing.
  • Moved all source code files into package subdirectories for better compatibility with certain IDEs.
  • Addressed all open errata, plus reviewer and forum suggestions.

10 April 2014 B6.0

Last chance to post your suggestions and errata before we go to print!

  • Made earlier plugins more interesting and Minecraft-like.
  • Moved some sections around and split chapters to improve flow
  • Added better highlighting for exercises you type vs. examples
  • Added new plugins: BuildAHouse, NameCow, LavaVision
  • Added sound effect to Simple plugin
  • Changed SkyCmd to fling all nearby creatures into the air
  • Removed FlashMob
  • Addressed all open errata, reviewer and forum suggestions
  • Updated glossary
  • Now in production, will be in print after copyedit, index, and final layout

05 March 2014 B5.0

  • Addressed all open errata and forum suggestions
  • Added Appendix 1, How to Read Error Messages, on page 203
  • Added Appendix 2, How to Read Bukkit Documentation, on page 209
  • Added Appendix 3, How to Install a Desktop Server, on page 215
  • Added Appendix 4, How to Install a Cloud Server, on page 223
  • Added Appendix 5, Cheat Sheets, on page 237

07 February 2014 B4.0

  • Addressed all open errata and forum suggestions.
  • Changed the cow bomb to a squid bomb and added Math.random() on page 76
  • mkplugin.sh will make a default .gitignore file now
  • Added new chapter: Chapter 13, Design Your Own Plugin, on page 179

17 January 2014 B3.0

  • Addressed all open errata and forum suggestions
  • Changed installation and build to use bukkit.jar for development and craft-bukkit.jar for server runtime
  • Added new Chapter 11, Use Configuration Files and Store Game Data, and introducing Java file reading and writing
  • Added new Chapter 12, Keep Your Code Safe, introducing git and version control

14 December 2013 B2.0

  • Addressed all open errata and forum suggestions
  • Revised exercises in Chapter 8, “Use Piles of Variables”, to use more game elements
  • Revised Figure 9 to look more stack-like
  • Added the Flying Creeper to Chapter 9, “Modify, Spawn, and Listen in Minecraft”
  • Added new Chapter 10, “Schedule Tasks for Later”, with the flaming cow shooter

04 December 2013 B1.0

Initial beta release.