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The latest version of the book is P3.0, released almost 13 years ago. If you've bought a PDF of the book and would like to update it to this version (for free), visit your home page.

By default this page displays the errata for the latest version of the book. If you have a previous version, select it here:

If you've found a new error, please submit it.

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  • Tech. error
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  • Maybe next edition
  • Not a problem
  • Reported in: P3.0 (06-May-09)
PDF page: 38
This is actually from P5.0 of the book. Below the Ant output generated by the Groovy script it states "The next time you run this build script, it wil...more...
  • Reported in: P3.0 (24-Nov-05)
PDF page: 53
Paper page: 53
In the section "Configuring the Build Process", the second sentence says "They..." while the first one says "the role of any new programmer"; "they" s...more...