10 July 2012 P2.1

Fixed the broken epub and an issue that was causing text to overlap figures in the epub version.

09 July 2012 P2.0 (Printing)

  • Second Printing.

03 October 2008 P1.0 (Printing)

  • First Printing

30 June 2008 B7.0

  • Cleared all pending errata

30 May 2008 B6.0

While waiting to release the NDA’d material we’re not allowed to talk about, here’s another beta of Bill Dudney’s Core Animation book that addresses the errata that have been posted. Bill has also added some material on Tiled Layers which allows you to work with content too large to fit in a single layer.

24 April 2008 B5.0

We’ve incorporated many of your suggestions and corrections, polished the prose and tightened the code. As soon as Apple lifts the ban on discussing the new iPhone SDK in public we will release another beta with a chapter on Core Animation on the iPhone.

26 March 2008 B4.0

In our latest beta of the Core Animation book, Bill has added Chapter 8 on Core Animation Layers. This is the chapter that will help you move your application to fully layer based animation. You will build on the techniques you learned in the Cocoa Animation chapters and apply them and extend them in the context of layers. Your animations are still fundamentally two dimensional within the layer but the layer itself is free to move in three dimensions. This is setting the stage for Layers in three dimensions that will be released as Chapter ten in our next beta.

Thanks for all your help in filing errata. You continue to make this book better.

12 March 2008 B3.0

In this beta we’ve added a new chapter on Layer Scrolling and Geometry. By now you’ve learned a variety of animations and have moved to layer backed animations. In this new chapter you will work through a complete example of scrolling layers. In addition Bill Dudney provides you with a better understanding of how the layer mechanism works by walking you through the geometry of a layer.

14 February 2008 B2.0

New Core Animation chapter is included.

31 January 2008 P1.0