28 May 2019 P1.0 (Printing)

Initial printing.

20 May 2019 B6.0

  • Production is complete.
  • Heading to layout and the printer.

12 March 2019 B5.0

  • Ready for production
  • Added Appendix 1, Command Quick Reference
  • Added Appendix 2, Installing GNU utilties on macOS

11 March 2019 B4.0

  • Added Chapter 7, Running and Managing Programs
  • Added Chapter 10, Additional Programs
  • Cleared outstanding errata.

16 January 2019 B3.0

  • Added Chapter 6, The Shell and Environment.
  • Added Chapter 9, Automation.
  • Added clear and reset explanations to Chapter 1, Getting Your Feet Wet.
  • Added section on GUI clipboards in Chapter 5, Streams of Text, and updated Advanced Processing with to include clearer examples based on feedback from reviewers.
  • Added information on IPv6 and CIDR to Getting Your Connection Information.
  • Cleared all outstanding errata.

26 November 2018 B2.0

  • Added Chapter 3, Navigating the File System.
  • Clarified terminals and shells in Chapter 1, Getting Your Feet Wet.
  • Fixed formatting issues in Chapter 8, Networking Tools, and clarified some output that was hard to read.
  • Updated the section on the file command to include the stat command as well, and renamed it to Getting More Information about File System Objects.
  • Replaced figures in Managing File and Directory Permissions, and fixed several issues where permissions needed better explanations or were incorrectly explained.
  • Fixed open errata.

04 November 2018 B1.0

Initial beta release.