P1.0 (Printing) - 05 November 2013

First printing.

B5.0 - 26 September 2013

Production is complete. Next, it’s on to layout and then the printer.

B4.0 - 20 August 2013

Indexing is complete.

B3.0 - 09 August 2013

Moving along through the production process. Copyediting is complete. Indexing is next.

B2.0 - 23 July 2013

This release fixes over one hundred small issues, as well as one brand new section on server-sent events. I’ve moved a couple tips around, fixed code highlighting issues, fixed a couple of places where the wrong code was showing up, and made CSS and JavaScript includes more consistent. I also replaced some screenshots and fixed a couple of pieces of code that didn’t work.

All outstanding errata has been addressed, and the tech reviewers found a whole bunch of things that I could explain better. Thanks to everyone who submitted items that needed fixing. If you see anything else, make sure to report it. Now it’s going to production.

B1.0 - 19 June 2013

First beta release.