05 November 2013 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

26 September 2013 B5.0

Production is complete. Next, it’s on to layout and then the printer.

20 August 2013 B4.0

Indexing is complete.

09 August 2013 B3.0

Moving along through the production process. Copyediting is complete. Indexing is next.

23 July 2013 B2.0

This release fixes over one hundred small issues, as well as one brand new
section on server-sent events. I’ve moved a couple tips around, fixed code
highlighting issues, fixed a couple of places where the wrong code was
showing up, and made CSS and JavaScript includes more consistent. I also
replaced some screenshots and fixed a couple of pieces of code that didn’t

All outstanding errata has been addressed, and the tech reviewers found a
whole bunch of things that I could explain better. Thanks to everyone who
submitted items that needed fixing. If you see anything else, make sure to
report it. Now it’s going to production.

19 June 2013 B1.0

First beta release.