P3.0 (Printing) - 17 April 2014

Internal updates for improved e-reader compatibility and consistency across platforms.

P2.0 - 30 April 2013

This version of the book includes the following updates:
  • All examples require at least tmux 1.7, and will work with tmux 1.8.
  • The section on opening panes in the current directory under OSX was removed.
  • The section on maximizing panes now states that this behavior is already supported in tmux 1.8.
  • The Workflows chapter contains a new section on using the “synchronize panes” feature.
  • All errata have been dealt with, including a couple of nasty typos.

P1.2 - 25 September 2012

This release is for more errata fixes. For a complete list please see errata.

P1.1 - 12 March 2012

This release includes minor fixes reported by our readers. For a complete list please see errata.

P1.0 - 29 February 2012

First electronic release.