04 August 2009 P1.0 (Printing)

First Printing

13 April 2009 B8.0

All of the changes to this book have been made in response to tech review and the reader errata and we are off to copy edit, indexing, and type setting. Except for those changes and additions, this is the final version of the book.

02 February 2009 B7.0

This release includes several new chapters. You’ll learn to write a formatter for a table cell. Along the way, Brian describes calling Objective-C methods that take by-reference arguments. There’s a chapter on opening a file-chooser panel with a double-click in a table cell. You’ll learn to drag a pathname (from, for example, the Finder) and drop it into a table cell. We also wrap up the testing material with some comments on test-driven design.

08 January 2009 B6.0

This beta includes two new chapters on exploring tables and testing. You’ll find one on managing selections and editing and one on putting radio buttons into tables. Also there’s been a bit of rearranging. The chapter on how bindings work has been moved to the reference section at the end. Material explaining how the testing tools work has been integrated into the chapter in which they are first used.

01 November 2008 B5.0

Recent additions include a new chapter on how to effectively test your Ruby Cocoa code. One advantage of writing your Cocoa code in Ruby is that you have access to Test::Unit, the Shoulda gem, and Assert(2.0). Brian has also recently shown you how to work with a second Nib file and how to work with Cocoa Bindings. The three chapters on bindings show you how to use them and then shows you how bindings really work.

20 October 2008 B4.0

  • Fixed errata

04 September 2008 B3.0

In this release, Brian Marick has added a chapter on persisting user preferences. He shows you how to save your users settings so that your users don’t have to configure your application every time they run it.

22 July 2008 B2.0

New chapters:

  • A Better GUI
  • Decoupled Controllers
  • Notifications Connect Decoupled Objects
  • More Expressive RubyCocoa
  • Bundling Gems and Libraries with your App
  • Project Organization, Builds, and Your Favorite Editor

04 June 2008 B1.0