17 July 2012 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

22 June 2012 B4.0

  • This is the final beta. Indexing and copy edit are complete; now it’s on to layout and then the printer.

16 May 2012 B3.0

  • We’ve added two new chapters: Chapter 9, Running Rubies with RVM, and Chapter 10, Special Topics. We’ve also added two new appendices: Appendix 1, A Capistrano Case Study, and Appendix 2, Running on Unicorn and nginx.
  • In addition, we’ve bumped many of the version numbers for the utilities and tools used throughout the book.
  • Now, it’s on to indexing and then copy edit.

08 February 2012 B2.0

  • This release updates the sections on Vagrant which addresses the feedback in the forums and in the errata. We’ll continue to follow Vagrant’s changes throughout the beta process.
  • We’ve also added two new chapters: Chapter 7, Collecting Metrics with Ganglia, and Chapter 8, Maintaining the Application.

Please keep submitting errata. Your suggestions and feedback continue to make this book better.

19 January 2012 B1.0

Initial beta release.