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A Peek at Computer Electronics: Things you Should Know


A Peek at Computer Electronics

Things you Should Know


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Pages 250
Release P1.2 (2007-11-20)
ISBN 978-0-9776-1668-8

Are you a programmer or computer enthusiast? Do you feel comfortable with methods, functions, and variables? Do you wish you knew more about how the computer made it all work? Now you can. From basic electronics to advanced computer hardware, you’ll learn the magic behind the gear that makes it all run.

If you’re into tinkering, or ever thought about it, this book explains the basics of how it all works

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About This Title

A lot of people are into Making their own technology these days, from 3D printers to home-made robots, Digital Video Records (DVRs), Media Centers, and more. But if you’re a computer programmer you might not know the ins and outs of the hardware side of these projects.

Caleb Tennis explains it all. From a quick look at basic physics (including fun with magnets) to electronic circuits, power supplies, and networking, you’ll see how it all works—and how to make it work for you.

About the “Things You Should Know” Series

This series is a little different from our usual books. The Things You Should Know series highlights interesting topics in technology and science that you should know about. Maybe you took these courses in school, and promptly forgot about them. Or maybe you’ve always been curious but never had the opportunity to learn more.

Now you can. With these titles, you can quickly become familiar with (or remind yourself of) an interesting topic area. We hope it gives you something to talk about at the next cocktail party, or brown-bag lunch at work, or user’s group meeting. It might even further inspire you to delve into the topic more deeply.

In either case, we sincerely hope you enjoy the show.



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Caleb Tennis is a professionally trained electrical engineer with a strong background in both hardware and software. Caleb has written for multiple publications including LinuxJournal and is the author of Rapid GUI Development with RubyQt. Caleb works for a small research and development firm working on innovative controls for diesel engine technologies.