03 July 2018 P3.0

  • Updated to Swift 4
  • Uses Codable for JSON Parsing and Persistence (replacing use of NSCoding and NSKeyedArchiver)
  • More clearly shows changes between code samples
  • Expanded from 250 to 298 pages with more thorough explanations and new material on handling different data with Codable

09 November 2016 P2.0

  • Updated to the latest versions of Swift (3.0), Alamofire (4.0), and Xcode (8.1)
  • Removed use of SwiftyJSON since native JSON handling is great now (unlike the pyramid of ugliness in early versions of Swift)
  • Switched away from using custom response serializers
  • About 1800 more words & 6 more pages to improve explanations of code. It’s now over 50,000 words and 250 pages!
  • Updated Cocoapods chapter to match new standards for Podfiles
  • Fixed router incorrectly encoding parameters, mostly for form-encoded POST requests, by setting the HTTP method before the parameters
  • Fixed some typos

07 August 2016 P1.0

Initial release.