18 January 2017 B5.0

The book is content-complete and heading to production.

16 December 2016 B4.0

  • We added the final chapter, Chapter 13, Dig Deeper, and the final appendixes, Appendix 2, Creating Customer Address Seed Data, and Appendix 4, How Webpack Affects Deployment.
  • Given that Rails 5.1 will support Yarn, we’ve converted all use of NPM to Yarn, and the code examples should include a yarn.lock instead of the previous npm-shrinkwrap.json. Instructions for setting up and using Yarn are in Chapter 1, Set Up the Environment.

02 December 2016 B3.0

We added Chapter 12, Wrangle Forms and Validations with Angular, and Appendix 1, Full Listing of Customer Detail Page HTML, and all errata have been addressed.

04 November 2016 B2.0

  • We added Chapter 11, Asynchronously Load Data, and Appendix 3, Customer Details Extracted Components.
  • Errata have been addressed.

18 October 2016 B1.0

Initial beta release.