15 December 2009 P1.0 (Printing)

  • First Printing

02 October 2009 B7.0

  • Last beta before First Printing. Content complete, but not yet typeset.

14 August 2009 B6.0

As a result of the book’s technical review you’ll notice a number of changes. First, there is a new chapter, “Naked Objects as a Design Tool,” which pulls together and expands upon various material for decoupling your domain model from Naked Objects so that it can be deployed on some other technology at runtime. Second, the testing chapter has been substantially re-written and retitled “Scenario Testing,” and now also covers writing developer (unit) tests. It’s also moved from part three into part two. Finally, throughout more explanatory context has been added.

01 July 2009 B5.0

Complete first draft

10 June 2009 B4.0

  • Chapter 16, Integrating within the Enterprise

22 May 2009 B3.0

  • Chapter 15, “Integrating with the Database”
  • New version of the Naked Objects framework, namely 4.0-alpha-3, which reorganizes the Maven modules and archetypes.

05 May 2009 B2.0

  • new chapter, Chapter 14, Integrating with Web Frameworks.

22 April 2009 B1.0