26 March 2014 P2.0 (Printing)

Internal updates for improved e-reader compatibility and consistency across platforms.

12 February 2013 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

11 January 2013 B7.0

This is the final beta. Indexing and copy edit are complete; layout and printing are next.

05 December 2012 B6.0

The book is content-complete. Now it’s on to indexing and copy edit.

15 November 2012 B5.0

This release includes two new recipes and a new appendix:

  • Recipe 29, Test Android Apps With Calabash, shows you how to use Cucumber to drive an Android application
  • Recipe 5, Define Steps as Regular Ruby Methods, shows you a way to declutter your step definitions and make your tests more maintainable
  • Appendix 1, RSpec Expectations, gives you a quick overview of writing good pass/fail assertions using RSpec Expectations, the assertion framework we use most heavily in the book

We’ve also substantially updated Recipe 25, Test .NET Code Using Cucumber Syntax, and Recipe 27, Drive a Windows App Using White, to use Visual Studio Professional and the NuGet package manager.

19 October 2012 B4.0

This release includes two new recipes:

  • Recipe 36, Drive a Flash App Using Cuke4AS3, walks you through setting up the environment for testing Flash apps.
  • Recipe 12, Manipulate Time, shows you a couple of different ways to make your tests faster by speeding up the clock.

We’ve also substantially updated one recipe:

  • Recipe 27, Test On iOS Using Frank, now covers the new version of the Frank toolkit, which is now much more automated and primarily command-line-driven. Thanks to Pete Hodgson, the creator of Frank, for taking the time to walk us through what’s new.

24 September 2012 B3.0

This release includes two new recipes:

  • Recipe 18, Test a Grails App Using grails-cucumber, shows you how to get started testing a Grails app by plugging Cucumber into Groovy.
  • Recipe 19, Test Scala Code, demonstrates driving a Scala library from Cucumber using Cucumber-JVM.

05 September 2012 B2.0

This new release includes two new recipes:

  • Recipe 11, Test Through Multiple Interfaces Using Worlds, explains how to drive both your GUI and your API from the same set of Cucumber features.
  • Recipe 31, Drive JavaScript/CoffeeScript Using Cucumber-JS, shows you how to use the full power of Cucumber in a JavaScript environment.

We’ve also added a little real-world advice to our recipes on HTML tables and Sikuli. Thanks to readers Dean Cornish and Chuck van der Linden for weighing in on these topics in the forums.

15 August 2012 B1.0

First beta release.