19 October 2009 P1.0 (Printing)

  • First printing

10 September 2009 B7.0

Almost done! This beta has been copyedited and indexed, and is headed into typesetting to fix everything up prior to printing.

28 July 2009 B6.0

his release has some significant improvements based on feedback from our crack team of technical reviewers. As well as from more helpful beta readers. (Thanks guys!) There are a few new side-bars to help clarify some issues. We’ve cleaned up some of the code examples and brought it all up to Grails 1.1 standards. Some inline style code has been moved to style rules in the main.css file and those rules are presented in an appendix for easy reference. There’s still some editing to be done and several readers have mentioned layout issues (images in the middle of code listings). These will be addressed in the final stages before printing. So, please bear with us on those, but overall, this beta is pretty much complete.

15 July 2009 B5.0

The Resources appendix is done, including an introduction to the G3 (Groovy, Grails and Griffon) community. Some of the test cases which were created under Grails 1.04 have been updated to Grails 1.1.

02 July 2009 B4.0

This release brings the last two chapters:

  • Chapter 11: Icing On the Cake
  • Chapter 12: Deployment and Beyond

In chapter 11 we introduce two more plugins and Grails URL mapping as we add a few final features to our project. In chapter 12 we look at how easy it is to deploy a Grails application and then we wrap it all up with some ideas of what you can do next to further your adventures in Grails. There are also some
minor changes to address issues found by helpful readers.

17 June 2009 B3.0

  • Chapter 10: Seek, and You Shall Find. In this chapter we discuss different ways to search for objects in Grails. We look at dynamic finders, the CriteriaBuilder, and the Searchable plugin. We introduce the Grails plugins – how to find them, how to install them and a bit about what they can do. We also get some more practice creating custom tags in Grails.

09 June 2009 B2.0

  • In this release we added Chapter 9, Big Picture Views, which covers controllers and views that are not tied to one specific domain class. We will also dig a little deeper into GSPs.

27 May 2009 B1.0