P1.1 - 31 October 2012

Fixed a formatting problem with the documentation icon that was causing the icon to display too big in the epub and mobi versions.

P1.0 (Printing) - 26 September 2012

First printing.

B6.0 - 28 August 2012

Indexing and copy edit are complete. Now, it’s on to layout and then the printer.

B5.0 - 03 July 2012

  • Chapter 5: new material: Tip 35
  • Previous ‘Introduction’ chapter has been split into two: ‘Read me,’ which contains a short welcome message, and ‘Read the Forgotten Manual,’ which contains important information about how this book works.
  • New closing chapter: Chapter 21, ‘Now what?’
  • New: ‘Remap the caps lock key’
  • New: ‘What readers are saying about Practical Vim’
  • New: ‘Acknowledgements’
  • Book is now complete and ready for indexing and copy edit.

B4.0 - 31 May 2012

  • Complete Chapter 8: Navigate inside files with motions.
  • Chapter 11: expand on the intended meaning of the terms in series and in parallel, by way of an analogy with Christmas tree lights.

B3.0 - 16 May 2012

  • Complete Chapter 9: Navigate between files with jumps.
  • Standardize the markup for Normal mode keystrokes.

B2.0 - 02 May 2012

A new chapter, “Copy and Paste” has been added. Numerous errata have also been fixed.

B1.1 - 19 April 2012

FIxed a production problem in the .mobi and .epub formats that improperly rendered lower-case keystroke commands as upper case.

B1.0 - 18 April 2012

First beta release.