31 October 2012 P1.1

Fixed a formatting problem with the documentation icon that was causing the icon to display too big in the epub and mobi versions.

26 September 2012 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

28 August 2012 B6.0

Indexing and copy edit are complete. Now, it’s on to layout and then the printer.

03 July 2012 B5.0

  • Chapter 5: new material: Tip 35
  • Previous ‘Introduction’ chapter has been split into two: ‘Read me,’ which contains a short welcome message, and ‘Read the Forgotten Manual,’ which contains important information about how this book works.
  • New closing chapter: Chapter 21, ‘Now what?’
  • New: ‘Remap the caps lock key’
  • New: ‘What readers are saying about Practical Vim’
  • New: ‘Acknowledgements’
  • Book is now complete and ready for indexing and copy edit.

31 May 2012 B4.0

  • Complete Chapter 8: Navigate inside files with motions.
  • Chapter 11: expand on the intended meaning of the terms in series and
    in parallel, by way of an analogy with Christmas tree lights.

16 May 2012 B3.0

  • Complete Chapter 9: Navigate between files with jumps.
  • Standardize the markup for Normal mode keystrokes.

02 May 2012 B2.0

A new chapter, “Copy and Paste” has been added. Numerous errata have also been fixed.

19 April 2012 B1.1

FIxed a production problem in the .mobi and .epub formats that improperly rendered lower-case keystroke commands as upper case.

18 April 2012 B1.0

First beta release.