P9.0 (Printing) - 28 March 2014

Internal updates for improved e-reader compatibility and consistency across platforms.

P8.0 (Printing) - 01 February 2012

  • Replaced the Translate example with Suggest. Google pulled the plug on the free translation API we were using so the update uses a different webservice to demonstrate how to make calls to the network from Android apps.
  • Rewrote the Audio example to use on-screen buttons instead of the keyboard, and replaced all the sound effects with ones that don’t crash.
  • Updated the OpenGL and Wallpaper examples to work on Samsung phones, which have a different color depth than most others from HTC and Motorola.
  • Added code to the Graphics chapter showing how to use density- and scale-independent coordinates in Java. This was needed to make the text path example look good on all devices.
  • Ran Android Lint over all the samples and fixed a couple of issues it pointed out. Did you know uses-sdk is supposed to come before the application tag in AndroidManifest.xml?
  • Simplified the layout on the Sudoku opening screen based on reader feedback. Now it just has one level of LinearLayout.
  • Use a Build.VERSION.SDK check instead of catching VerifyError in the Touch example to demonstrate the current best practice for supporting old and new versions of Android in the face of API changes.
  • Updated setup directions and screenshots for the latest version of the Android platform tools, Java, Eclipse, and the Android Eclipse plug-in.
  • Updated all sample projects to target the Android 2.3.3 SDK version (API level 10). This is the version used by most Android devices on the market including the Kindle Fire(*). All examples were tested for forwards and backwards compatibility on a variety of devices and versions of Android from 1.5 to 4.0. *Note: the Kindle Fire does not support home screen widgets or wallpaper so those samples couldn’t be tested on the Fire.
  • Added advice for Java beginners on companion books. This gets asked a lot on the forum. Also revised Market advice on update frequency (do them less often) and alternative app stores (do them more often).
  • Numerous small fixes and improvements.

P7.0 (Printing) - 25 August 2011

  • Seventh Printing

P6.0 (Printing) - 11 April 2011

  • Sixth Printing

P5.0 (Printing) - 17 February 2011

  • Fifth Printing

P4.0 (Printing) - 21 January 2011

  • Fourth Printing

P3.0 (Printing) - 05 January 2011

  • Third Printing

P2.0 (Printing) - 14 September 2010

  • Second Printing

P1.0 (Printing) - 18 July 2010

  • First Printing

B7.0 - 15 June 2010

  • Final beta before typesetting, all content complete.

B6.0 - 10 June 2010

  • Completely updated for Android 2.2, “FroYo”

B5.0 - 20 April 2010

  • Final draft complete, headed to production.

B4.0 - 30 March 2010

  • First draft complete

B3.0 - 12 March 2010

  • New section on Live Wallpaper, errata fixes.

B2.0 - 25 February 2010

  • Now with multitouch chapter

B1.0 - 10 February 2010