06 August 2016 P2.0 (Printing)

Fixed errata.

08 March 2016 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

08 January 2016 B1.1

Fixed a few errata. The most significant is the replacement of defcallback with @cllback.

However, the main reason for this release is not the content—it’s the layout.

We’ve updated our toolchain, and this book gets to play guinea pig.

05 January 2016 B1.0

This is the original Elixir book, updated for Elixir 1.2. Major changes include:

  • addition of the i (inspect) helper in iex
  • addition of the multi-forms of alias, require, and import
  • the removal of Dict, HashDict in favor of Map
  • the removal of Set in favor of MapSet
  • the addition of the with expression
  • a rewrite of the hot code loading section in the OTP Applications chapter to use exrm.
  • many changes to explanations

All errata from the last printing of the original book have been fixed.