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  • Reported in: B1.0 (23-Jan-18)
PDF page: 68

In setting up filters, filters2, and update, it seems that ‘const’ would be a better choice than ‘let’. Perhaps I am missing something?--Fred George

joe morgan says: That's a tough one. `const` is a good choice because the value will not be reassigned. However, since it will be mutated, I like to alert code readers that the value will be changed that's why I went with `let`. To be honest, I still haven't decided which one I like better. I usually try to prevent the problem by not mutating objects (including map) and then I assign with `const`. Since I will be mutating these, I'll leave as `let`, but this is a decision each team needs to make. I think a lot of linters agree you should use `const`, though.