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Stripes: ...and Java Web Development Is Fun Again


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...and Java Web Development Is Fun Again


Tired of complicated Java web frameworks that just get in your way? Stripes is a lightweight, practical framework that lets you write lean and mean code without a bunch of XML configuration files. Stripes is designed to do a lot of the common work for you, while being flexible enough to adapt to your requirements. This book will show you how to use Stripes to its full potential, so that you can easily develop professional, full-featured web applications. As a bonus, you’ll also get expert advice from the creator of Stripes, Tim Fennell.

About this Title

Pages: 375
Published: 2008-10-01
Release: P1.0 (2008-10-31)
ISBN: 978-1-93435-621-0

As a Java developer, you want to leverage your knowledge and the wealth of Java libraries and tools. But when it comes to web development, many frameworks seem over-engineered and too complex. They have a steep learning curve, and it’s just too difficult to get them to do exactly what you need because of their “closed-box” design.

Stripes brings simplicity back to Java web development. You’ll be up and running in minutes, and can go a long way with just a few simple concepts. You’ll spend your time developing your application, not maintaining gobs of configuration. Because Stripes is very transparent, you will understand exactly what is going on from request to response.

The popularity of Stripes keeps increasing because of its clean design and extensibility. With this complete tutorial and reference, you can master Stripes and take advantage of its productivity in web application development. You’ll tailor the framework to your requirements, not the other way around!

This book is packed with explanations and examples so that you learn practical problem-solving techniques. You’ll be able to “wrap your head around the framework” and fully understand how Stripes works.

When your customer requests a feature, you’ll answer “yes” with confidence because you’re using a framework that lets you get the results that you need without getting in your way. Because of its open design, Stripes lets you easily integrate your favorite tools: tag libraries, AJAX frameworks, ORM solutions, dependency injectors, and more.

What You Need

Stripes 1.5x

Contents & Extracts

Full Table of Contents

  • Revving Up
    • Adding Form Input Controls
    • Advanced Features Made Easy
    • Registering and Logging In
    • Parlez-vous français? Making it Multilingual
  • In High Gear
    • Completing the Stack
    • Tapping into Stripes
    • It’s a Dangerous World: Adding Security
    • Using JavaScript and AJAX


Frederic Daoud is a software developer who has been using Java since
1997 and developing web applications since the “pre-JSP” days of just
Servlets. A web framework junkie, he learned a dozen of them before
Stripes became his favorite. Currently a Stripes committer, he is
active on the Stripes mailing list, answering questions and helping
new users.

Freddy lives in Montreal, Canada, where he shares the roasting hot
summers and freezing cold winters with his wonderful wife Nadia and
their beautiful daughter Lily.