01 May 2008 P1.0 (Printing)

This is the version of the book sent to the printers. There are no content changes, but errata have been fixed and the index updated.

11 April 2008 B1.06

Fixed all known errata

08 March 2008 B1.05

Fixed known errata

01 March 2008 B1.04

Here’s what’s new:

  • Send Lightweight Messages (using Starling)
  • Nest Resources to Scope Access
  • Automate Periodic Tasks
  • Encrypt Sensitive Data

The book is now complete (and, with 84 recipes, bigger than expected).


25 February 2008 B1.03

This release adds 14 new recipes:

  • Process Recurring Credit Card Payments
  • Send E-mail via Gmail
  • Segregate Page Cache Storage
  • Full-Text Search with Sphinx
  • Build a Sitemap
  • Customize Error Messages
  • Load Balance Around Your Mongrels’ Health
  • Quick & Dirty Search
  • Use Fixtures For Canned Datasets
  • Cheap & Easy Caching
  • Drive a Feature with Integration Tests
  • Write Domain-Specific RSpec Matchers
  • Use DTrace for Profiling
  • Support an iPhone interface

02 January 2008 B1.02

This beta includes 25 new recipes:

  • Analyzing SQL Queries
  • Caching Up With the Big Guys
  • Creating a Wizard
  • Creating Meaningful Relationships Through Proxies
  • Decouple Your JavaScript with Low Pro
  • Dynamically Updating Cached Pages
  • Freshening Up Your Models With Scope
  • Generating Custom Error Pages
  • Geocoding to Find Things By Location
  • Giving Users Their Own Subdomain
  • Handling Multiple Models In One Form
  • Keeping E-mail Addresses Up To Date
  • Keeping Forms Dry and Flexible
  • Monitoring (and Repairing) Processes with Monit
  • Off-Loading Long-Running Tasks to BackgrounDRb
  • Preserving Files Between Deployments
  • Processing an Asynchronous Workflow
  • Receiving E-mail Reliably via POP or IMAP
  • Responding To Remote Capistrano Prompts
  • Taking Advantage of Master/Slave Databases
  • Testing HTML Validity
  • Tracking Test Coverage with RCov
  • Updating Partial Resources with AJAX
  • Uploading Images and Creating Thumbnails
  • Validating Required Form Fields Inline

06 December 2007 B1.01

05 December 2007 B1.0