P1.0 (Printing) - 16 November 2011

First printing.

B4.0 - 11 October 2011

The book has now been indexed and copy edited. This is the final beta before layout and printing!

B3.0 - 15 September 2011

The book is now final draft complete and heading to production! In addition, Beta 3 adds two new tips:

  • Tip 1, Beat Up Your Code
  • Tip 15, Find a Mentor

Beta 3 addresses feedback from technical reviewers and all reported errata/typos. Thanks to all who took the time to send feedback!

B2.0 - 05 August 2011

Beta 2 completes all the tips that were stubbed out in beta 1, namely:
  • Tip 13, Use The Source, Luke
  • Tip 16, Ace Your Performance Review
  • Tip 24, Know Your (Corporate) Anatomy
  • Tip 26, Grok the Circle of (a Product’s) Life
  • Tip 27, Put Yourself in the Company’s Shoes
  • Tip 28, Identify Corporate Anti-Patterns
  • I’d love to hear your feedback in the book’s forum; please click the discussion link at the bottom of any page and share your thoughts!
  • Beta 2 also addresses all reported errata/typos. When you find something that’s wrong, please click the errata link at the bottom of any page and report it.

B1.0 - 15 July 2011

  • First Beta