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Payment Processing with Paypal and Ruby


Payment Processing with Paypal and Ruby


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Pages 86
Release P1.2 (2006-12-13)
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Building a top-notch web site requires a lot of technical expertise. Keeping track of changing requirements and new technologies, not to mention the competition, can keep you on your toes. Processing payments is a small, but important part of a successful site.

About This Title

If you’re running a web site, you probably don’t want to know the details of processing payments. You want to know just enough to solve your problems so you can go to production. As powerful and popular as Ruby is, there isn’t much information on credit card processing.

This Friday will give you enough information to make a good decision, and enough technical know-how to implement that decision using Paypal and Ruby.


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Contents & Extracts

Table of Contents:

  • Where This Information Comes From
  • What to Expect
  • Acknowledgements
An Informed Decision
  • Why PayPal?
  • Which Option?
  • Authorize or Capture?
  • Summary
Types of Transactions
  • Shopping Carts
  • Buy Now and Donation Buttons
  • Subscriptions
Sandbox Setup
  • Business Account
  • Creating a User Account
  • Get An Example Payment To Work
  • Other Profile Settings
  • Review
Website Payments Standard
  • Standard Option Detailed Overview
  • Web Pages to Handle the Response
  • Getting the Response
Website Payments Pro
  • Direct Payments
  • The Simplest Thing That Works
  • Direct Payments: Process a Payment
  • Express Checkout: Process a Payment
Payment Notifications/Data Transfer
  • Order Notification
  • Payment Data Transfer
  • Instant Payment Notification
Alternate Payment Options
  • Email Payments
  • Advanced Topics

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