09 July 2012 P1.0 (Printing)

  • First Printing

11 June 2012 B5.0

This is the final beta. Indexing and copy edit are complete. Layout and the printer are next.

09 May 2012 B4.0

All errata have been fixed. Now, it’s on to indexing and copyedit.

12 April 2012 B3.0

In this release, we’ve upgraded to Rails 3.2.3 throughout the book, and
TorqueBox 2.0.0 in the later chapters.

We’ve added two new chapters, Chapter 9, Managing a JRuby Deployment, and Chapter 10, Using a Continuous Integration Server, that cover management of a JRuby deployment and using a CI server to deploy with JRuby.

This makes the book content complete, but please continue submitting errata.

29 March 2012 B2.0

In this release, we’ve upgraded to TorqueBox 2.0.0.cr1 in Chapter 6, Creating a TorqueBox Application, and added two new TorqueBox chapters. Chapter 5, Deploying A Trinidad Application, discusses a production setup for Torquebox, and Chapter 8, Clustering a TorqueBox Application, discusses clustering a TorqueBox application.

We’ve upgraded Warbler to version 1.3.4, which was breaking many of the examples in Chapter 3, Deploying an Archive File. As a side-effect, it made the examples a little more concise. We’ve also added a discussion of using precompiled Rails assets with a Warbler WAR file.

In Chapter 2, Creating a Deployment Environment, we upgraded to Vagrant 1.0.1, which avoids a lot of quirkiness of using Vagrant on JRuby. It changes the installation process, but it doesn’t change any of the Puppet scripts or examples.

We also fixed several workflow problems with Bundler throughout the book and addressed the open errata.

06 March 2012 B1.0

Initial beta release.